The purpose of the program is to provide physicians who have completed specialty training in internal medicine with a post-graduate program that will enable them to function as sub-specialists in nephrology. The program gives a wide variety of clinical experiences, as well as lectures and seminars on renal physiology and pathophysiology, fluid-electrolyte-acid-base disorders, hypertension and renal-replacement therapies. In addition, we offer didactic and hands-on training in clinical and research.

Since we are a public hospital, all our patients are teaching patients; thus, the fellows have a great deal of responsibility, and an excellent learning experience. There are many opportunities to teach house staff and medical students.

Our attending physicians are based entirely at NUMC, with no outside obligations. We all teach at SUNY-Stony Brook, and are always readily available to the fellows. Our full-time attending staff includes:

  • Dr. Leah Balsam, Chief of Nephrology/Program Director
  • Dr. Zae Kim, Chief of Dialysis
  • Dr. Sofia Rubinstein, Director of Ambulatory Nephrology/Associate Program Director

The program consists of:

  • Consultations: Seeing patients with a wide variety of renal and electrolyte disorders, and advising about their management, including performing acute dialysis, continuous renal replacement, or renal biopsy, when indicated.
  • Dialysis: Supervising the care of chronic peritoneal and hemodialysis patients.
  • Renal Clinic: Learning the outpatient management of a variety of chronic renal and hypertensive disorders.
  • Transplantation: Learning the evaluation and management of patients who have or need renal transplants. The fellows attend Stony Brook one month each year, in addition to a continuity clinic on specific Fridays.
  • Didactic Sessions: A series of lectures for the fellows, on renal disease and management, begins each academic year. There are weekly journal clubs, clinical case discussions, clinical review conferences, and a monthly biopsy review. In addition, there is a monthly biopsy teleconference with Stony Brook. Core curriculum seminars are given to the house staff biennially, and pathophysiology seminars are taught at Stony Brook; the fellows contribute to the teaching at both these levels. Outside speakers give a number of nephrology lectures throughout the academic year.
  • Research: A series of lectures on biostatistics is given annually. The fellows are expected to become involved with clinical research, either with ongoing studies or projects of their own.

To apply: Please apply through ERAS. For questions call the Nephrology Division at (516) 572-8879, or email