Travel Medicine Service


Comprehensive Personalized Consultations and Vaccinations


Nassau University Medical Center (NUMC) offers a comprehensive personalized Travel Medicine Service to meet the needs of travelers going abroad for both business and pleasure. The service provides expert consultations and vaccinations for safe and enjoyable international travel.

The Travel Medicine Service serves both individuals and travel groups. A thorough medical history assessment, combined with an itinerary analysis is done to determine the recommended and required vaccinations along with other preventive measures based on destination and length of stay.

The Infectious Disease experts in the Travel Medicine Service at NUMC utilize the most up-to-date travel disease databases to administer required and recommended vaccinations, provide an International Certificate of Vaccination, and provide necessary prescriptions for preventive medications.

The complete range of vaccinations available to meet international travel requirements or recommendations includes yellow fever, hepatitis, typhoid, polio, meningitis, rabies, varicella, and Japanese encephalitis, as well as prescriptions for malaria prevention and treatment of travelers’ diarrhea.



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Travel Medicine Service
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