Public Authority Reporting

Public Authority Reporting

Welcome to the Public Authority Reporting Page of the Nassau Health Care Corporation. This page contains the relevant disclosures required under the N.Y.S. Public Authority Reporting Act. You may view or print documents by clicking on the Document in the table below. Documents are in Adobe Acrobat format.

Financial Information

NHCC 2023 Operating Budget
NHCC 2023 Budget Certification
NHCC 2022 Operating Budget
NHCC 2022 Budget Certification
NHCC 2021 Investment Report
NHCC 2021 Operating Budget
NHCC 2021 Budget Certification
NHCC 2020 Operating Budget
NHCC 2020 Budget Certification
NHCC 2020 Investment Report
NHCC 2019 Financial Statement
NHCC 2019 Operating Budget (Approved 1/10/2019)
NHCC 2019 Budget Certification
NHCC 2019 Investment Report
 NHCC 2018 Operating Budget (Approved 3/8/2018)
 NHCC 2018 Budget Certification (Approved 06/14/2018)
NHCC 2018 Investment Report
 NHCC 2017 Operating Budget (Approved 1/9/2017)

NHCC 2016 Operating Budget (Approved 12/30/15)
NHCC 2015 Operating Budget (Approved 12/17/14)
Latest Official Statement
Independent Registered Municipal Advisor (IRMA) Exemption Letter

Annual Report

Report on operations and accomplishments
 Organization Chart
Mission Statement and Performance Measurement
Board committees and the date established
Statement of board duties and responsibilities
Board adopted bylaws
Code of ethics for board members and staff
Report of real property of the authority

Public Meetings

Board and Committee Meeting Minutes

Certified Financial Audit Report

 Audited Consolidated Financial Statements 2022
 Audited Consolidated Financial Statements 2021
 Audited Consolidated Financial Statements 2020
 Audited Consolidated Financial Statements 2019
 Audited Consolidated Financial Statements 2018
 Audited Consolidated Financial Statements 2017
 Audited Consolidated Financial Statements 2016
 Audited Consolidated Financial Statements 2015
 Audited Consolidated Financial Statements 2014
 Audited Consolidated Financial Statements 2013
2019 Management letter
2017 Management letter
2015 Management letter
2014 Management letter
2013 Management letter
2012 Management letter
2011 Management letter

Procurement Report

Procurement guidelines

Budget Report

2022 Multi-Year Plan
2021 Multi-Year Plan
2020 Multi-Year Plan
2019 Multi-Year Plan
2018 Multi-Year Plan
2017 Multi-Year Plan
 OSC PARIS Reporting