Nassau Needs NUMC

NHCC Financial Sustainability Plan

Developed and implemented by NHCC Board Chairman Matthew Bruderman this comprehensive plan is addressing the financial challenges faced by Nassau University Medical Center (NUMC), Long Island’s largest safety net hospital. The plan, detailed below and in the downloadable presentation, is intended to create new efficiencies and increase revenue for the hospital that over time will allow it to require less State aid. However, as a hospital that is designed to receive low reimbursement or no payment for most services it provides, State aid is absolutely critical. Without consultation with the hospital or the community it serves, New York State slashed aid to NUMC beginning in 2020 from nearly $190 million in 2017 to $40 million in 2023. Such a drastic reduction in revenue will prevent the hospital from fulfilling its obligations to the people we serve within a matter of months. NUMC Can be saved. NUMC Must be saved.


CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW to send an email to Albany leaders calling on them to restore aid to the hospital. A reduction in services or closure of NUMC will create a health care crisis for the 270,000 patients, 500 nursing home residents and 67,000 people who come through our Emergency Room every year. Our clinics and wide range of services are dedicated to providing quality health care for EVERYONE, regardless of their ability to pay or legal status. No other hospital has the ability to serve our communities like NUMC. Please ask Albany leaders to restore aid NOW! Failure to act cannot be an option.  Nassau Needs NUMC.


Under Chairman Matthew Bruderman’s direction, NUMC has undertaken significant management and operational reforms to enhance efficiency, financial standards, and practices, and the quality of services. These actions have already begun increasing cash flow to the hospital proving that it can be financially sustainable. Through the continued execution of this reform plan, NUMC will rely on less State aid.

  • Timely monthly financial statements for the first time in years.
  • First annual budget in years.
  • Creation of a financial dashboard with daily cash balances for the first time.
  • Updating the hospital’s Charge Master and billing software for the first time in more than a decade.
  • Enhancement of bad debt collection and timely reconciliations.
  • Appointing a highly qualified Chief Financial Officer
  • Increasing our services with a new MRI Center and advancing plans for a new Cath Lab and expanded Dialysis Center
  • Re-opening of Long Island’s only multi-chamber Hyperbaric unit.
  • Expanding mental health services.
  • Advancing facility renovations including new maternity and post-partum rooms.
  • Increasing access to private rooms.
  • Establishing a new Department of Neurosciences to increase our payor mix.
  • Implementation of a new charting process to expedite billing.
  • Design of new front entrance and new desirable amenities for patients and staff.