NYS Infection Control Course

NYS-Mandated Course on Infection Control Training & Barrier Precautions

The NYS Professional Conduct law requires certain licensed health care professionals* to repeat the Mandated Course on Infection Control Training and Barrier Precautions every 4 years, independent of licensure. NUMC is a NYS-approved course provider for all professions*.

The course is provided by Perlita (Phey) G. Kabigting, MSN, APRN-BC, CIC. Phey has 13 years of experience in infection prevention and control spanning all health care venues. Its content is tied into current healthcare topics and based on up-to-date infection prevention and control issues in local and national health care.

* Dental Hygienist, Dentist, Licensed Practical Nurse, Optometrist, Physician, Physician Assistant , Podiatrist, Registered Professional Nurse

Course Brochure