Department of Neurosciences

Our nervous system affects literally every aspect of our health and our lives. NuHealth’s neurologists and neurosurgeons work to relieve pain, restore function and treat abnormalities of the brain and spine, improving the quality of life for thousands of patients each year. In addition to directly caring for patients with a range of neurological disorders, NuHealth’s neuroscience specialists work closely with specialists in other disciplines, such as trauma surgery, physical medicine and rehabilitation, orthopedics, and oncology. If surgery is necessary, our neurosurgery team utilizes state-of-the-art technology to treat the full range of brain and spine disorders and is available 24/7 for emergency neurosurgical care and trauma.

NuHealth’s Department of Neurosciences treats the full-spectrum of medical neurological and neurosurgical disorders. Our neurologists and neurosurgeons diagnose and treat:

  • General Adult Neurology
  • Pediatric Neurology
  • Stroke
  • Epilepsy and Movement Disorders
  • Headache and Pain Management
  • Neuromuscular Disorders
  • Cerebrovascular Disorders
  • Benign and Malignant Brain Tumors
  • Spinal Tumors
  • Degenerative Spine Disorders

To make an appointment or speak with a physician, call (516) 296-3354.