Internal Medicine

Focused on the diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of diseases affecting adults, Internal Medicine is one of the hospital’s busiest departments. Our subspecialists are frequently called upon by physicians both inside and out of Nassau University Medical Center to help solve the most complex diagnostic puzzles, including those where multiple illnesses or multiple organs are involved. In addition to helping patients manage a broad range of acute and chronic illnesses on an outpatient basis, NUMC’s internal medicine subspecialists are on the front lines of inpatient care. Some of the recent advances in the Department of Internal Medicine include:

  • Hospitalist Medicine Service – Hospitalists are solely responsible for managing the care of NUMC inpatients, coordinating the activities of multiple specialists to improve patient outcomes.
  • Gastrointestinal Services – Multiple clinics weekly and expanding endoscopy services
  • Critical Care Medicine – All intensive care patients are now managed by board-certified critical-care physicians who are expert at helping those recovering from surgery or trauma, or struggling against life-threatening illness.
  • Sleep Medicine – A growing national problem, sleep apnea and other pulmonary (breathing) problems put tremendous strain on the heart and can result in death. We can eliminate the terror of suddenly starting awake while struggling to take a breath.