Hospital Medicine

In years past, inpatients at most hospitals might be seen by multiple medical and surgical specialists – each concerned with their own aspect of the patient’s health, but none specifically responsible for the patient’s care as a whole. NuHealth has changed all that with the introduction of hospital medicine and the hospitalist: a physician whose sole concern is the well-being and safety of patients staying at Nassau University Medical Center.

The hospitalist is both physician and case manager, coordinating the activities of a multidisciplinary team to avoid test duplication, medication errors and care plans that work at cross purposes. NuHealth’s specialists in hospital medicine also act as the patient and family’s advocate, helping voice their concerns to the team to provide the best possible patient experience. They also are the liaison to the patient’s referring physician, and help ensure a smooth transition into and out of the hospital.

To contact the Hospital Medicine section office, call (516) 572-6501.

Clinical Staff
Jose Mejia, MD
Vincent Cappello, MD
Jeeny Job, MD
Samia Qazi, MD
Leonid Rankov, MD
Dipti Kothari, MD
Olubunmi Bolaji, MD
Deepti Gupta, MD
Ghulamullah Shahzad, MD
Daniel Addanki, MD
Rosalind Conrad, MD
Nita Kaul, MD
Ambreen Khalil, MD