Critical Care Medicine

NuHealth’s critical care specialists work in Nassau University Medical Center’s Intensive Care Units, monitoring and caring for our most vulnerable patients. In addition to their primary specialty, they have received extended training in managing acute respiratory, cardiac, metabolic, cerebral, renal and other problems, as well as in combating infections. Our critical care specialists use computerized patient monitoring and data management systems, hemodynamic monitoring, ventilator management, and bedside ultrasound to swiftly detect the patient’s most minute physiological changes, and provide life-sustaining therapies that give them their best chance at recovery.

To contact the ICU, call:

Surgical: (516) 572-6191
Medical: (516) 572-6516
Cardiac: (516) 572-4771

To contact the Critical Care Medicine section office, call (516) 572-6516.

Clinical Staff
Javed Iqbal, MD
Chief – Ashok Karnik, MD