Although most often associated with the analysis and interpretation of X-rays and other diagnostic imaging techniques, radiologists today are more than diagnosticians. At NuHealth’’s Department of Radiology at Nassau University Medical Center, a team of diagnostic, interventional and therapeutic radiologists and radiological technologists use precise doses of radiation to both detect problems and provide 21st-century cures.

As diagnostic imaging experts, NuHealth’’s radiologists work closely with all manner of physicians both in and out of Nassau University Medical Center, including oncologists, orthopedists, cardiologists and others. Employing CT scans, MRIs, ultrasound and other technologies, we provide a deeper, closer view of bone, muscle and vital organs and their functions to help our colleagues provide accurate, timely diagnosis of your problem.

But many of the most remarkable advances in the field have been in the arena of interventional and therapeutic radiology. NuHealth’’s radiologists perform a variety of procedures that go beyond the borders of diagnostic medicine at Nassau University Medical Center. From cerebral and vascular angiography to delivering therapeutic doses of radiation to destroy cancer cells, we are bringing leading-edge medical technology and expertise to NuHealth patients.