What our Patients and their family say about us…



We have attached a testimonial video provided by one of our grateful patients who received services in our Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department. He expressed his appreciation for the excellent care provided to him by the staff while he was undergoing rehabilitation.

Patient Video

December 2017


“Dr. Lyn Weiss
Director of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
2201 Hempstead Turnpike
East Meadow, NY 11554

Dear Dr. Weiss:

I am writing this letter on behalf of the S. family.  My mom spent three and a half weeks at your hospital and arrived on the fifth floor two weeks ago for rehabilitation.  We cannot say enough about the care and compassion the entire staff gave to our mom.  From support staff to physicians, everyone was always willing to give us 100% of themselves so our mom would only need to focus on getting better and stronger.

Your health care professionals were all outstanding.  Whether it was late at night or early in the morning, their commitment and level of care was never compromised.  I can say this with certainty because a member(s) of our family were with my mom from 7:30 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  Many of you willingly went the extra mile even when your day was long and exhausting.

In closing, if I can make a recommendation, it would be to increase the number of staff so the ratio of patient to employee is reduced.  Having witnessed their daily routine often, it is clearly exhausting and should be looked into.

Thank you again for your kind and compassionate care.



November 29, 2017


“Dear Nassau University Medical Center Family:
I would like to commend the following people in the Nassau University Medical Center

Michael Mirotznik for his everlasting friendship, support and assistance.

Maureen Hutcheon for spending time with me everyday for my 3 week stay. Doctor Pipia for his assistance in every vital issue. Administrator David Lavenda. Doctors Barrett and Pipitone my surgeons who did stellar jobs

Doctor Isaccson really tended to all my rehab needs and coordinated well with orthopedics, surgery medicine and oncology. Doctors Josh Klein and Doctor Velez were great young doctors who followed me well and helped me often. Doctor Weis, the rehab department head.

Orthopedic Nurses Pat, Cathy Klein, PCA Sorzi and Mr. Paul. Orthopedic rehab therapists Curt Donna and Ron or Carl from orthopedics rehab. Nurses Corinne, Jully Villarraga, Laurel, Janet, Violeta from Rehab Floor.

Therapeutic Staff; Carol Eric Shirsky Donna Jurcak, Boris Basanilov, Keisha and Josie from Occupational therapy. Vincent Palmeri. Patrick Cox,These people made me ambulatory and functional in only two weeks. They pushed me but monitored my so carefully at the same time. Lisa the therapy PCA.

Nurses from the burn unit when I was sent up there after my second surgery. Nurses Margerite, young nurse with French first name and Patricia were very attentive to me. Raju the PCA, Mario and Jane all from rehab were great too.

I additionally want to commend all the doctors in Anesthesiology especially the young Russian Doctor with the Nose ring Who is a female she was very good.  Tammy from Operating Room got me into the Second Surgery Faster by getting me transferred fast from Rehab to Surgery.

I want to make mention of Michael Ferrandino who came to my room on a daily basis more than once a day. He provided me with many services and lifted my spirits.

Also I want to spell the name correctly of Eric Swirsky, The therapist. I so greatly appreciate him because he trained me to walk up and down stairs on my own. I never thought I would be able to do in a two week span. He is well-deserved to hold the title of therapist supervisor. 

Also Lisa Olstead was the best PCA I encountered.  Jane The PCA.  There were other names but I just couldn’t keep up anymore.

Anyone that wants to know if Nassau University is a great facility can ask me. It was the best medical treatment I ever received in my life. There constant investigative medical treatment may have saved my life.  The caring doctors and staff found my additional medical condition.  I felt like a King.
Yours Truly,”

Jack A.
November 2017


We have attached a testimonial video provided by one of our grateful patients who was an in-patient in our Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department. She expressed her appreciation for the excellent care provided to her by the entire staff while she was undergoing rehabilitation.

Patient Video

September 2017



“I was treated in the trauma center for an injury sustained on Sunday, 8/13.  The 2 ICU nurses were incredible…Candice and Rachel.

They were attentive, professional, caring, and compassionate.  They had a big impact on my treatment and I will always be grateful for support.

Please pass along my gratitude.”

Jim P.
Glen Cove, NY
Aug 2017


“My husband, Bruce was rushed to your ER a few weeks ago by the Wantagh Fire Dept. Everyone from Wantagh Rescue 2 to the ER Staff  were amazing. They all treated my husband with care and patience. We saw Dr. Shah and Dr. Freiman in the ER. They were both professional and very caring. We can’t thank you enough for all you did. Everyone we came in contact with, was terrific.

Thank you again!

Donna D.
July 2017


“Please share with your staff the following story of my appointments ….
First of all- from, the appointment desk upon arrival to the center, I was greeted with a smile, and was in and out from my appointment within one hour! 

I have been visited by Dr, Gonzales, for routine annual exam, and had many questions about my present health as I pass through menopause. She presented herself, well groomed, polite and confident during my examination and responded to all my questions with complete answers.

With this, I hoped to see her again on my follow up exam…but that didn’t happen, due to schedule rotation.

Instead, on my next check-up, I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Chirokikh, who was as excellent as her colleague Dr. Gonzales…and further more, when I asked her for a second opinion on my health, she had me wait a moment, and returned promptly with Dr. Tetrokalashvili. I was very impressed with Dr. T. Her conduct and confidence was notable in a very positive manner. She has a particular sense of authority and intelligence that put me at ease, when I needed to know every detail about my health.

This is exactly what every patient hopes for in a hospital setting. You and your staff have it all there in your newly furnished, colourful & bright, accommodating, comfortable clinic. Compliments to you and your staff for your professionality and obviously high level of education in the field of Women’s medicine and care.

Please forward this letter, with reflections of my recent experiences at the NUMC.

I sign off , as a truly satisfied patient, with thanks to you and your staff,

I intend to recommend NUMC to my family, friends and others based on my positive experience. 

(PS… image and grooming in uniform is always the first impression….Hair tied back is a must… its a sanitary & safety rule in public places…and and makes us look
so much more professional ) take this advice with a smile…”

July 2017



“Dear Dr. Cirinciano and Dr. Faust

I am writing to you to express my deepest gratitude towards your Trauma Team. You should be very pleased and secure with your choices and I thank you for putting this team together.

My name is June K., and I am an office manager for 6 doctors in Plainview. On April 27th, 2017, I had a horrific car accident that left me with a right hand that needed to be stitched, 7 broken ribs, right bi-malleolus fracture and concussion. I was taken to NCMC by ambulance and immediately was seen by your team. There was no waiting in the hallway.

Dr. Gupta and his team quickly did their assessment and I was sent for various tests, scans, x-rays and MRI of the chest area because that was the area that I had pain. I knew my foot was broken and thought there was some broken ribs but I did not feel any pain when my lower abdomen was palpated. When the X-ray and MRI results came back it was Dr. Gupta’s sharp eye that saw a tiny speck of something and he sent me back for more pictures.

It came back that my left kidney was shattered and I was taken into surgery immediately. I was scared like I have never been before but there was a kindness in Dr. Gupta’s eyes when he assured me that he was going to take care of me. The whole team kept reassuring me that I was in good hands and they were going to help me.

The surgery was successful and as you know the pain was intense in the beginning. These young doctor’s came to see me every day, sometimes 3 times a day. The talked to me and told me what I needed to do to get my lungs, my fractured foot and basic body back to up and running. Every member of this team was kind and encouraging. Not all surgeons are like that and I was impressed not only with there surgical skills but the compassion they showed me.

There was a young man who worked nights, ( I think his name was Keith). I apologize if I have the wrong name, but you can check who worked nights that week. He is tall, on the slim side with short dark hair. One particularly bad night for me was the 2nd night. I had to go downstairs for testing 3 times. Due to my injuries, any moving was excruciating! This young man had such compassion for me that he accompanied downstairs to make sure that I had the least bit of movement possible. He didn’t have to do that.

Coming this close to death is a real game changer. Suddenly everything is very different and very clear. I don’t ever think that I know everything, but I do know this…….If it wasn’t for Dr Gupta, Dr Tung, Dr. Edgecombe, Dr Oganda, Dr. Altamirano, Dr. Thottam, Dr. McGhee, Dr. Paplawski, and Dr. Gibbons and apologize if I left anyone out, I know I would not be here today. Dr. Gupta saved my life and I will forever be grateful. This is a magnificent team and I know that these young doctors will go on to do great things.

Thank you so very much for putting them together.


June K.
May 2017


“To the Nurses and staff on 11 East

It is with great appreciation that I’m writing this letter of thanks to all the angels who work on the eleventh floor east at NUMC. During Six week battle that my dear wife Brenda wages against cancer while she was in your care I came to know you, some much better than others. The road she traveled was made much easier because of the care and compassion evidenced in how she was treated by all the pro’s employed there.

When my family gathered Thursday for what we all knew would probably be her final hours, Amanda, Christine, and Tara gave us the space to be with each other, fed us (sorry that we didn’t eat much!!!) and brought the compassion comfort all of us when the time came. Many of you also took time out of your day to come to the funeral home, wait on the fairly long line just to say a few words, look at some pictures and become even a greater part of the family. When we gathered over the last few days to celebrate Brenda’s life, the family comments uniformly included great praise and gratitude for what you all did for her.

Many of the people who came to see us made the comment that when they think of Brenda they always laugh. During the first or two, you all saw that side of her. Please remember this.

It takes special kinds of people to be nurses, knowing that many people you care for will suffer and eventually succumb to disease. It takes extra special people to get that job done with true compassion, a smile and a laugh, and to allow themselves to really get to know the patients and the families. While you all took care of one person, you all touched a family of at least 25.

My love and Thanks to all of you. Enjoy The wraps and bless you all.”

Brenda’s Family:
April 18, 2017


“Dear Dr. Politi:

On the evening of February 13, 2017, my father, John, suffered a debilitation stroke. From the time of his admission to the Emergency Room at Nassau University Medical Center to the time of his discharge on March 24, 2017, his care and treatment by NUMC staff was outstanding.

Dad Spent several days in the Medical ICU unit where the doctors, nurses, and the patient care assistants were not only attentive to him, but also went out of their way to inform and ease the anxiety of his entire family. Upon his transfer to the Telemetry Unit on the Eleventh Floor, West, this treatment not only continued, but also was increased by the professionalism and compassion of the entire staff – doctors, nurses, PCAs, housekeepers, those who delivered his meals, technicians and therapists. Every need of his and ours was addressed. We were greeted with a smile every time we entered the unit and bade goodnight each time we left the parking lot.   All questions were either answered immediately or an appropriate answer found within timely manner. The entire facility was kept spotlessly clean at all times.

Certain individuals and departments are to be highly commended.

Attending Doctors Aleverdian, Kleymenova, Balsam, Chikvashili, and their residents
Dr Lin, Dr Shannon Carroll, Dr Dylan Ellman, and all members of the Orange Team
Nurse managers Billy McCrystal, Lucy and Elieazer
Nurses Paul DeVito, Gaby, Jackie, Smitha, Scariah, Rose, Thelma, and Melissa
PCAs Susan, Sharelle, Geetha and Betty
Craig Rizzo – Hospital Administration
Michael Fernandino, Hospital Security
Nursing Director Linda Condon
The Housekeeping department
The Patient Advocate Office

Of course, Dad had special favorites, those professional caregivers who not only treated him as assigned, but continued to follow his progress through out this lengthy hospitalization, visited and checked on his condition and our needs whenever they passed his room, and spent countless hours addressing our many concerns and questions – Doctors Jae Cho and Amgad Makaryus; Nurses Samantha Maderson and Justine; PCA Sandra; Physical Therapist Kurt; and student Nurse Jessica Wolfarth. Since moving to rehabilitation facility, Dad constantly mentions these outstandingly compassionate individuals and credits them for their assistance in his healing and recuperation. They all should be commended for exceptional performance in their individual fields of expertise, and we would greatly appreciate your sharing our thanks with each of them.

On behalf of my father, my mother, and my siblings – I would once again commend you the staff and employees of NUMC for their exceptional service, professionalism, and their development of compassionate patient/family relationships.

Very truly yours,”

Linda R. H.
April 6, 2017


On 3/13/17 a family member was seen at NUMC. I would like to thank everyone for the positive experience. Staff in the Lab, Radiology and the ED went above and beyond in providing professional, compassionate care. Actually, everyone we encountered could not have been more accommodating. As you know, hospital encounters can be stressful.

Thank you all for your kindness.”

March 2017


“Nursing Department NUMC

The family of patient in room 1160 came down to the nursing office at NUMC and wanted to make sure that everyone knows what a wonderful job the staff is doing.  They mentioned Justine and Sam but could not remember everyone name.  The patient’s son said the staff is fantastic. Eric, the son wanted us to know that  staff is doing a great job on 11.  He was very impressed with the cleanliness of the hospital, especially 11.”

March 2017


“Dear Administration/Board of Directors, 

I didn’t what the year to come to a close without reaching out to you to recognize the staff that took care of my father in February 2016.  It has been a busy year for our family and I apologize for taking so long to contact you.  

My father, James D., came in by ambulance due to a terrible fall.  He suffers from Parkinson’s Disease with the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.  After his injuries were attended to, he was moved to the Rehabilitation Floor.  I can’t thank the staff enough for everything they did for our family to make sure my father was safe and well cared for.  

I met with Susan Sattler and Suzanne Sluka to discuss the plan for my father’s care.  They introduced me to everyone that would be working with him, in addition to Dr. Lui and Dr. Tom Pobre.  This was helpful to us if we had questions about my father’s progress or medications.

This was a difficult time as my father’s memory was deteriorating during his hospital stay. I cannot thank Eric Swirsky his Physical Therapist enough for the care he took while attending to my father.  He is a tremendous asset to the hospital, the people he cares for and the families that are coming in to support them.  I truly feel my father made the progress he did because of the wonderful way in which Eric worked and communicated with him.

We also had the pleasure of working with Nicole Rose and Carol Chamoff for Occupation Therapy.  Nichole had a tough job with my father as he resisted some of the things he needed to do, but with her positive attitude and gentle way, she was able to accomplish and  teach him all the things he needed to do to come home.  She was also very helpful when we needed assistance ordering the wheel chair and other supplies needed for his return home. 

The nursing staff was exceptional. They sat with my father every evening so he would not wonder off and wanted to make sure he was resting. Corrine Husbands helped us to understand my father’s medications and his daily progress.  Francesca Jerome, the nurse manager, took time to meet with me frequently to make sure we were comfortable with the care my father was given.  

There were a host of other wonderful nurses that came and cared for my father and we felt truly blessed.  

Thank you from my entire family for helping us through a very tough time.  We are very thankful for the care and support that was extended to my father and we will continue to let others know what a wonderful experience we had at your hospital.

Wishing you and your families a very happy, healthy Holiday Season.


Doreen D.
December 2016


To whom it may concern:

We arrived to NUMC on Friday night, November 11th, with my 17-year-old son, Andrew , who was taken off the football field with altered mental status. The trauma unit immediately went to work with the utmost respect and professionalism. One individual who stands out in our minds is Eileen Cahill, R.N. She took care of our son as if he was her own family. Eileen was extremely kind, caring, and comforting and made our experience as good as could be under such stressful circumstances. Her continued professionalism and proficiency throughout the evening, as well as the rest of the trauma team, were appreciated more than words can describe. Also, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the superb treatment that Drs. Shah and Jean-Baptist rendered to Andrew that evening as well.

Our experience at NUMC was a very positive one from the minute we arrived to the minute we left the next day. We just wanted to thank all the doctors and nurses who tended to our son. You are all truly amazing individuals.

Warm Regards,”

Mr. & Mrs. Denise & Dominick P. & Family
Bethpage, New York 11714


On 8/15/16 I took a visit to hospital because my mother lost feeling in her right arm and got a tingling on the right side of her face. The gentleman who attended us what very professional and hard working. He did his best to answer any questions we asked. This medical student seemed to be the only one to be working on his feet. I’ve never seen someone who cared about people as much as he did. I personally wouldn’t want anyone else attended my mother, he did an excellent job. His name is Brandon.”

Tavo R.


“Dear Mr. Politi,

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been totally amazed and impressed with the quality of care my mother, Roseanne , had received at NUMC 5th Floor Rehabilitation. Most of the staff was always friendly and helpful. They never appeared to be bothered by any request my mother made. I know the staff works hard and yet they always had time to look up and smile. They never babied my mother, they were never calloused to her needs .The staff’s realistic, cheerful manner in which they go about their duties, I believe, is very helpful and healing to patients and their families. I’d like to thank Immacula Vilson-Paul (PCA) and Diane Lyons(PCA) for their kindness and compassion. They were always willing to help my mom with whatever she needed and never made her feel as if she were “bothering “them.

I would also like to commend several members of your Physical Rehabilitation staff; Sunday Lasmarias, PT, Patrick Cox, PT Assistant and Carol Chanoff, OT. They went above and beyond what I believed a physical therapist and an occupational therapist would do for a patient. Their kindness, care and motivation were the determining factors that enabled my mom to make so much progress. They started her on exercises that were always challenging and never extended her too much. She is now receiving outpatient care at NUMC for PT,OT and Speech.

I also want to thank Susan Sattler, Nurse Liaison for her compassion and dedication. Her door was always open and she never made me feel as if I were an imposition. Whenever I had a question or concern, Susan was ready and willing to listen and offer guidance.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.


Grace R.


“Just returned from a very special spa where I was treated to a cleanse and juice diet. Brought on by antibiotics, I developed colitis, was sick much of Saturday, collapsed on Sunday morning, prompting me to agree to Mike’s decision to call an ambulance. That special spa was NUMC. While there, they discover I am also a salmonella carrier. After 5 days of iv antibiotics and another week on oral drugs, I should be fine. Baruch HaShem and thanks to my family who were really great!( I ruined everyone’s vacation week) Special thanks to Shelley Lotenberg and the entireBekerman family! And for the Bialik School folks, reading this, Jill Kreitman is the rabbi at NUMC, thanks for her care as well. 

How’s that for a “how I spent my summer vacation” story. All true though I spared you the gory details!”

Judy C. R.


“Not sure if I’m correct in the spelling of her name Melinda or Miranda she was an ER Nurse who took care of when I had my surgery in April 30 2015 after I woke up I believe it was Friday not sure I slept for a while but up and this nurse help me with my cleaning up of myself and assisted me with walking again and wheeled me up to my recovery room. If you know of her please tell her that I’m much appreciative of her care of me, she’s been on mind since thank you in advance.”

Diorsini S.


On May 26th my son Dominic (10 months at the time) was rushed to the hospital by ambulance from daycare due to risking temperature peaking at 104.9.  I was greeted by a very attentive nursing staff that immediately started to run his test. The first doctor on shift which was Dr.Golden who was very caring! My room was right by the nurses station so I could hear everything so I was surprised by the fact that after Dr.Golden left for the day he called and was following up on my son. I was so taken back by the fact that he thought of my son after he left! Then of course the night doctor and unfortunately I don’t know his name but he was of Indian or middle eastern descent he went above and beyond. It was just me and Dominic and we didn’t get discharged until about 1 am. So he walked me and my baby out to my car since we were alone and the side by the visitors parking lot was closed, so I had to walk around the hospital! I have never received this type of service from a hospital EVER. Also, the male resident that was basically there from start to finish was amazing! He was so attentive and truly cared for my comfort and Heath!  Thank you so much for leaving such a positive influence on such a negative situation!!”

Samantha M.


“Dear Administrators,

I am writing this letter regarding one of your employees, Nelson Perez.  I encounter Nelson almost every time I visit the hospital which is

every week. He is always very helpful and has a nice demeanor.   last week I came into the hospital dreading that I would not be able to get a refill on my medication and an appointment for the Renal clinic which I had missed  I was fortunate to have had Nelson assist me in the new wing of the hospital.  I asked for a refill and he swiftly filled out the paperwork. I also needed an appointment and he made that conveniently for me.  I have been going to the hospital for years and most of the time I get run around all over the place.  With my Arthritis it hinders me at times.  In a matter of five minutes, I was able to get the answers I needed done. I know for a fact that with anyone else it would have taken much longer. I always see him helping other employees as well.

With all the Chaos in the world it is nice to have encountered a young man that does his job better than anyone else and with such ease. It would do you wonders to have more employees like Nelson. I felt I should let you know if you don’t already, what a charm you have in your grasp.  There should be more like him. I just thought you should know about this .

Margaret S.


“My mother-in-law, Janice S. was admitted to NUMC last week.  The entire staff demonstrated a deep level of care for her throughout her stay but Scariah Ittyavirah was truly extraordinary. His calm and pleasant demeanor and attention to detail make him an amazing asset to the hospital. Scariah took the time to explain all the medical terms and services that Janice was receiving.

Please convey our gratitude to Scariah for “going the extra mile”. 

Thank you very much.”

Dr. Andrea S.


“Good evening,

I am writing to inform you of the excellent care my grandfather, Leonardo A., received during his last few hours of life.

Dr. Casey tended to my grandfather with such kindness and compassion. He was very knowledgeable and answered all of my grandmothers questions. He did not hesitate to act when my grandfather needed
immediate medical attention. While my family and I were traveling from work, Dr. Casey and the social worker, Susan Shapiro, made sure to  stay with my grandmother until one of family members was able to be
with her. Susan also went out of her way to call my mother and my aunt  and advised them to come to the hospital, in order to be with him as soon as possible.

During his stay, his nurses Natalie and Faith cared for my grandfather, even through the snowstorm, as if he was their own. They treated him with love and sympathy during his time of need.

Words cannot express the sadness that my family and I are going through, but we are at peace knowing that my grandfather received the utmost respect before and after he passed. I want to thank you, and
the mentioned staff members, for your wonderful care for my grandfather throughout his journey.


The family of Leonardo A.


“Hi Dr. Bargman,

I hope all is well.

Being that today is February 2nd, it marks the 1 year anniversary since Billy woke up from the coma and I can’t help but feel overwhelmed with happiness that everything worked out the way it did.

I just wanted to reach out and genuinely thank you for saving my brother’s life. I am so grateful for the decisions you made during that awful time every single day.

Forever thankful,”

Jessica M.
(Billy M.’s sister)


“My name is Marguerite M. and I’m writing on behalf of my sister Claudia  and my entire family.

On November 17th my sister Claudia got a diagnosis of cervical cancer ,and it put us in utter shock. And if that wasn’t bad enough ,we found out she let her insurance lapse. No doctor wanted to see us and no hospital would book a procedure. We were immediately in panic mode. Our last chance was NUMC.

I made a phone call and explained our situation, and later that day received a callback from Christine Mancuso. She was the first in a long line of amazing people. We got an appointment immediately and she didn’t let us leave her office until we dotted every T and crossed every I to secure Claudia’s insurance. From there we met Diane from the Dysplasia clinic. She was so sympathetic and understanding as she then made it possible to get an appointment with a doctor that I’ve never encountered before. His wit and bedside manner put us all at ease. He treated Claudia not just for her cancer but also for her emotional well being .He also included us in the process which made us feel less hopeless .And the most incredible thing was that he gave us his personal cell phone number.

She was a complex case with hematology issues. Dr.Liu made it possible to get an immediate appointment with Dr.Xiao ,who gave us the same level of kindness and attention. On surgery day Dr.Liu thought of and was ready for every possible scenario that could be. The head anesthesiologist explained everything to us in terms we could understand so we knew what to expect. The entire surgical team both pre and post operative was excellent . Dr.Liu performed surgery , removed Claudia’s cancer and told us she would be fine.

We have had many follow up appointments and Doctor Liu always managed to take time out to say hi. My sister is cancer free thanks to Dr.Liu and every person we met from beginning to end. The bottom line is people judge your hospital in a negatively because you take care of the less fortunate who can’t afford or like my sister have no insurance. That somehow translates into getting subpar care and doctors. We found out that was the furthest thing from the truth!!!Our family will forever be grateful to Dr.Liu and your entire staff from beginning to end.


Marguerite M.


“To Administration

It was a wonderful transition from the medical center to A Holly Paterson the second time as you promised. During my mother’s stay at the medical center right through A Holly Paterson there were some people who really made a difference and in our opinion are assets to NuHealth. The reason is because what they do comes natural. People who really are an integral part of a successful business are usually not noticed but are the ones making a difference behind the scenes.

While at the medical center Doctor Moore who worked closely and very hard with our mother Ella Hayes on the no blood issue that we asked him if my mother could submit his name over to her Liaison committee for his hard work, and dedication he is truly respected.

On the rehab unit there was an Assistant Diane Lyons who we think is one of the best in the entire hospital. She works so hard and is so dedicated to her job, she has such a caring spirit. Nurse Sophia Marshall who knows all about her patients let’s call her a real nurse (RN) in every way, her bubbly personality just took everyone’s minds off what they were going through, we’re sure if asked, her patients would tell you they feel the same way.

When we reached A Holly Paterson your Transition team was awesome, Lindsey and Samantha who made it very comfortable for our mother and followed up several times to make sure she was ok, much appreciated. Kelly was a wonderful social worker one of the best, nothing but good things to say, hard worker and very professional, the best!  Unit 32 was an excellent unit.

One Assistant that stood out to us right away was Golo, her neatness, compassion and professionalism not just to us, but every person we witnessed her come in contact with she is truly phenomenal, this exceptional and outstanding conduct should be truly recognized. We remember the first day we came in contact with her she said “you guys look tired go rest Mom is fine” well after our past experiences we were skeptical but we left and as she promised upon our return, our mother was well taking care of, she made her so comfortable. Mom said she felt safe, and was able to close her eyes and rest.  My Dad who is 88 kept calling her GoGo, and she said its ok and laughed, as he set with mom she always made sure he was ok as well.

Trustworthy and unselfish, from the bottom of our hearts we are so grateful to her.  JB if she saw you just standing would ask how you were. If you needed anything she would either say I’ll be right back or stop and help. We were impressed by her signature bows, truly an amazing person always full of smiles and honestly one of the nicest people she wasn’t mom’s assistant but in her words “everyone is my patient” great person! Nell was very organized serious worker. Comes in ready, you knew when Nell is around you’re ready for your day  you are on time, washed dressed and ready for your day, no better person in the morning, she gets it done. Lisa who wears many hats and wears them all well, we were wondering if she ever ran out of energy a great woman, who works for the people period, great team player. Rose who is such an amazing person, always so delightful always willing to help, her eagerness to make sure everyone around her is happy tells me this is not just a job to here, she works with ease and enjoys it.  Mr. Yin who was not only the nurse but one of the nicest, male nurses we’ve ever seen. Very mild tempered and always goes out of his way to make his patience comfortable, nothing but respect for him. Also Franz he is one of the nursing supervisors, let’s just say distinguished, he works tirelessly.

Our mother who is a very kind educated person has dedicated her life to treating people great and with the highest respect, and will never forget the people of unit 32 and how they made her feel. We can’t thank them enough. On every job there is a distinguished team of people who raise the bar because of their genuine and “who they really are” nature.  We are sure they would stand out to you, and could change the reputation hospital and nursing homes have.  We called them “TOP KEY PLAYERS”. Their bosses should be recognized as well for hiring Top of the line….

Physical and occupational therapy was just amazing, they do and excellent job both the medical center and A. Holly Paterson. No other facility we’ve experienced was better than these teams.

Our mother now attends dialysis at A Holly Paterson. Dialysis speaks for itself Ceceil is the right person for the right job. e is just so dedicated. Her along with the staff there are so dynamic.  The patience and residence are treated with such dignity and respect, so amazing.

We could not be selfish and only appreciate what you did for us, we wanted to take the time and thank the people who made the experience a pleasure as well.

We would also request this letter be placed in the files of the workers listed. We truly appreciate you all!


The Ella H. family.