NUMC Anesthesiology Remediation and Refresher Program [“ARRP”]




About the NUMC Anesthesiology Remediation and Refresher Program [“ARRP”]

Nassau University Medical Center (NUMC) is a public teaching hospital affiliated with the Health Sciences Center of Stony Brook University and Northwell Health. The 19-story, 631-bed Level I Trauma Center is located at 2201 Hempstead Turnpike, East Meadow, NY.

The mission of Nassau University Medical Center is to provide comprehensive, high-quality health care services to Nassau County residents regardless of their ability to pay.


NuHealth Anesthesiology Remediation and Refresher Program:

The anesthesiology Program was established at Nassau University Medical Center in 2021 with the mission to provide a broad experience in hospital anesthesiology and perioperative medicine in a supportive learning environment.  Our Program is not ACGME accredited and does not intend to become so.


Nevertheless, our Program is unique and innovative in several ways. First, it primarily aims to reintegrate anesthesiologists who fall into one of three specific cohorts:

  • Cohort I. Ambulatory anesthesiologists who now wish to work in the hospital setting.
  • Cohort II. Anesthesiologists who have been away from medicine and wish to return.
  • Cohort III. Anesthesiologists only able to work in a structured environment per the DOH/OPMC.


The curriculum conforms to specific gaps in the participant’s knowledge, competencies or performance. These gaps are determined through extensive pre-start evaluations and simulations.

Although we expect and require a one-year commitment, the actual duration will be a reflection of closing the defined gaps or meeting OPMC mandates.

The Program will have a strong educational curriculum and provide vast clinical experience including daily participation in hospital anesthesia cases, including the use of various techniques, such as general, regional and monitored anesthesia care.  Cases will include pediatric, obstetrical and trauma as well as pain management experiences. More in-depth experiences are possible at affiliated facilities.

The Program incorporates hands-on experiences in most subspecialties, as we as focus on targeted areas that address participant-specific gaps in areas such as clinical, compliance/documentation or other nonclinical imperfections.

In- and outpatient anesthesia cases are included, as well as operative and nonoperative methods of treatment for a wide variety of acute and chronic pain conditions. Emphasis in clinical training is placed on giving all participants sufficiently graded responsibilities to ensure that upon completion of the Program, they will have ample experience and knowledge to make important clinical decisions and the skill to perform a variety of major and minor anesthesia cases. Each Program participant’s responsibilities will progress commensurate with his or her evaluated knowledge, competency and performance capabilities.

Our learner-friendly environment has very experienced and academically involved attending staff from a variety of medical specialties. Although the Department of Anesthesiology does not have a residency program, it nonetheless embraces the tenets of learning and has anesthesia faculty with extensive anesthesia teaching experience. To supplement learning sessions, faculty-presented grand rounds are conducted every Wednesday morning and regular journal club and case presentations.

Each participant is required to undertake at least one scholarly activity during the Program and, if necessary, will participate in the formulation of study designs and present to the institution’s IRB. Scholarly activity can be an original basic science or clinical research project, book chapter, presentation, poster or review article.

Established in December 2021.


Program Contacts

Program Director: Dr. Paul Weinberg, MD FASA

Assistant Program Director: Dr. Aisha Ishteeaque, MD FASA

For further information, please contact:

Program Coordinator:
Megan Williams
Tel.: (516) 296-3339



After completing the Anesthesiology Remediation and Refresher Program, participants will be able to evaluate and anesthetize most patients with a majority of comorbidities.  They will be skilled in- and outpatient anesthesia care.  This experience will provide these physicians with the tools needed to be a successful practicing hospital anesthesiologist.

Nassau University Medical Center

Dr. Paul Weinberg       Department Chair of Anesthesiology, Program Director

Dr. Aisha Ishteeaque  Department Vice Chair of Anesthesiology, Assistant Program Director

Dr. Ken Freese             Program Faculty

Megan Williams          Department Administrator