Voluntary Benefits

Voluntary Benefits


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Electronic Documentation

Medication Reconciliation
Growth Charts
Clinical Documentation
Big Bang Guide for Physicians
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Quick Reference Sheet

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Safe and Secure Access to Your Patients’ Records

The Nassau Health Care Corporation has made remote access to information and full HIPAA compliance major goals.

System-user authentication:

  • A system has been created to control the generation of accounts, the type of access, and removal of system-access privileges
  • Logs are reviewed on a regular basis
  • Access rights are reviewed on a regular basis
  • Remote access requires:
    • VPN Authentication
    • Application Authentication
  • Access restricted to your patients only

Email Notifications

  • New programs
  • New services

You Will Receive a Fax If One of Your Patients Is:

  • Seen in our Emergency Department
  • Admitted to our facility
  • Discharged