Microbiology Laboratory

NuHealth’s Microbiology Laboratory at Nassau University Medical Center uses advanced technologies to aid in the isolation and identification of numerous pathogens. Our scientists and technicians work in a variety of capacities. Bacteriology identifies, isolates and performs susceptibility testing on bacteria collected from all body sites. In Mycology, yeasts and molds from human specimens are screened. NuHealth’s Parasitology service identifies a variety of parasites, malaria, ticks and other arthropods of human importance. Molecular testing for tuberculosis and other related organisms in Mycobacteriology are essential for maintaining the public health. We also perform serology testing, which monitors the body’s response to infection.

In addition, NuHealth’s Microbiology Laboratory plays an important role in bioterrorism preparedness for Long Island, providing prompt identification of bioterrorism agents, and working in coordination with local, state and federal agencies.

To contact NuHealth’s Microbiology Laboratory at Nassau University Medical Center, call 516-572-4951.