Certified Stroke Center

When it comes to stroke, the only thing that stands between the patient and permanent loss of function is swift, sure action. NuHealth’s Certified Stroke Center at Nassau University Medical Center has made that difference for thousands of Long Islanders.
The moment the NUMC Emergency Department is notified about the impending arrival of a suspected stroke victim, the Stroke Center’s experienced multidisciplinary team of emergency physicians, neurologists, radiologists and other experienced caregivers is assembled and prepared to take steps to identify the problem and mitigate damage within the all-important “golden hour.” But their work doesn’t stop there. Our neurologists and rehabilitative specialists continue to work together to give each patient his or her best hope of survival with minimal incapacitation, and to give each family caregiver the support they need.
NuHealth is proud to have received Certified Stroke Center status from the Department of Health, because it is a sign of our commitment to provide the best in post-stroke care for our patients as well as to provide our community with the information it needs to help prevent strokes in the first place.

For more information about stroke and NuHealth’s Certified Stroke Center, call (516) 572-3107.
To make an appointment with a neurologist, call (516) 572-3107.