Maternity and Newborn Center

NUMC’s state-of-the art Maternity and Newborn Center has transformed the birthing experience with its perfect blend of cutting-edge medicine and relaxed hospitality. Expectant parents are drawn to this inviting setting, with its private labor and delivery suites, modern hydro-birthing rooms for low-risk mothers, and comfortably spacious postpartum suite. Best of all, delivery is assisted and monitored by an incredible NUMC team of OB/GYN physicians, nurses and midwives. In a calm, relaxed atmosphere, newborns are gently introduced to life in complete comfort and safety.

For our highly skilled obstetrics group, birth is often only the midpoint in this wonderfully intricate process. Quite often the process begins with fertility enhancement, proceeds through pregnancy and prenatal care, and- once the baby is born- continues with pediatric health care. At NUMC, our seamless, integrated approach has always guided prospective and new parents through its compassion, understanding and professionalism. Our advanced Maternity and Newborn Center simply allows them to complete their journey in total comfort, and with the utmost confidence.