Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance at NuHealth

Nassau University Medical Center or any of our Family Health Centers will make every effort to ensure your ability to pay is not a barrier to your receiving quality medical care. If you have received a bill or are expecting to use our services, you may be eligible for a reduction of your bill(s).

If you have received a bill from the Hospital, or are scheduled to come to Nassau University Medical Center, we invite you to visit the Financial Eligibility Office, located on the ground level of the Hospital. There, a Financial Counselor will assist you in completing an application and determining your eligibility for financial assistance. If you have received a bill from one of our Family Health Centers, the staff at that Center can assist you in completing an application, and determining your eligibility for financial assistance as well. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at:

Nassau University Medical Center
(516) 572-6669

Family Health Center Locations
Elmont Health Center – (516) 571-8200
Hempstead Health Center – (516) 572-1300
Roosevelt/Freeport Family Center – (516) 571-8600
Westbury Health Center – (516) 571-9500

What are the general requirements to qualify for Financial Assistance?

  • In order to receive Financial Assistance, you cannot be eligible for any other health insurance coverage such as Medicaid, Medicare, Child Health Plus, Family Health Plus, Workers’ Compensation, No-fault Automobile Insurance, or any other government, private or employer-sponsored insurance program.
  • You must complete an application, and provide proof of income, family size and residence.
  • You must apply for Financial Assistance within ninety (90) days of receiving treatment or the date you were discharged, and complete your application, including all required documentation, within 30 days thereafter.
  • Applications that are made after the time frame indicated above may be accepted upon reasonable explanation at the discretion of the hospital.

How is eligibility for Financial Assistance determined?

Bill reduction is based upon your income and the size of your household.

How do I apply for financial assistance?

Please visit the Patient Financial Services department, located in the Primary Care area on the first floor of the Hospital, or one of our Family Health Centers. You will need to complete an application, and provide proof of residence, proof of income, and proof of family size.

Proof of Identification (only one)

  • Driver’s license with photograph
  • Birth certificate/with photo ID
  • Passport
  • Alien registration card/work permit

Proof of address (only one)

  • Recent rent receipt and/or utility bill
  • Recent letter addressed to a member of household (must be postmarked)
  • Driver’s license with photograph and address

Proof of income (only one)

  • Pay stubs for past 4 weeks
  • A letter from your employer on business letterhead indicating gross salary
  • Most current year income tax and W2 statement
  • Copy of unemployment insurance check
  • Copy of Social Security/Pension check

If you cannot obtain any of the above, a notarized letter from a respected member of the community (clergy, doctor, attorney, etc.) is acceptable.