Continuing Medical Education

Continuing Medical Education

The Continuing Medical Education Committee’s (CME) mission, with the support of Nassau Health Care Corporation, will strive for excellence in patient care, education and research. We will strive to provide and support a wide range of high-quality CME programs for the physician and allied health professionals in an ideal learning environment. The core foundation of our programs will be based on the latest accepted standards of care within the various fields of medicine, as well as scientific advancements in the study and practice of medicine. Our programs will foster safe, cost-effective patient care with optimal outcomes, strong patient-physician relationships, and essential ties to the community. As a clinical campus for two medical schools, we will provide continuing education to its associates and community health professionals. As we strive to be the premier source of continuing education and ongoing training for physicians, we will be facilitators for nearby health institutions, and the core of sponsorship for community programs.


  • To meet the professional, ethical and academic standards as required by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) and the American Medical Association (AMA).
  • To provide and support clinical conferences, lecture symposiums and other educational programs addressing vital public health issues, such as bio-terrorism, that will enhance the knowledge and skills of our healthcare professionals, resulting in high-quality patient care.
  • To support prevention strategies, early-diagnosis management, and treatment of all patients that enter this institution.
  • To enable the practitioner to develop new clinical skills through self-directed education by using enduring materials such as audiovisual media.
  • To promote accepted standards of care, including the latest scientific developments, both locally & regionally, through interactive Internet activities, satellite broadcasting and video conferencing.
  • To assist nearby health care institutions with program development and the accreditation process.
  • To foster multi-disciplinary relationships among the professionals in order to provide excellent service to the patient, the general public and outlying communities.
  • To assess continuing medical education needs based on an annual survey, QA recommendations, departmental input, Ethics and other Committees of the Medical Staff Office.


Nassau University Medical Center (Nassau Health Care Corporation) has applied for accreditation by the Medical Society of the State of New York


Nassau University Medical Center sponsors a large number of continuing medical education programs, which generally run from September through June. Practicing physicians and other health care providers in virtually every specialty benefit from weekly lectures and daylong topical programs sponsored by the Medical Center each year. Faculty include our own and distinguished visiting professors. Most of these programs are available without cost to participants.

NYS Infection Prevention Mandatory Course Schedule 2015
33rd Update Allergy Immunology Symposium on October 19th 2017
33rd Update Allergy Immunology Symposium on October 12th 2017
33rd Update Allergy Immunology Symposium on October 5th 2017
32nd Update Allergy Immunology Symposium on October 8th 2015
31st Annual Update Allergy Immunology Symposium on October 2nd 2014
Department of Medicine Fall Lectures 2009
Department of Psychiatry and Psychology Lectures 2005 – 2006