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NUMC Physicians and Residents’ Cardiology Research Earns 2nd Place at New York American College of Physicians Scientific Meeting

November 8, 2021
Nassau Health Care Corporation

NUMC Physicians and Residents’ Cardiology Research Earns 2nd Place at New York American College of Physicians Scientific Meeting

East Meadow, N.Y., November 8, 2021 – Research presented by Nassau University Medical Center (NUMC) earned second place at the New York American College of Physicians’ Annual Scientific Meeting this October. Conducted by the Department of Cardiology alongside several of NUMC’s internal medicine residents, the research addressed differences in healthcare outcomes among patients admitted to teaching hospitals for heart attacks based on race.

NuHealth is proud to announce that research conducted by NUMC’s Department of Cardiology and performed with internal medical residents earned a coveted second place in Resident and Fellow Research at the New York American College of Physicians’ (NYACP) Annual Scientific Poster competition this October. Their research, titled “Differences in Healthcare Outcomes Among Patients Admitted with Acute Myocardial Infarction Based on Race in Teaching Hospitals: a Nationwide Analysis,” was conducted by the Department of Cardiology in conjunction with internal medicine residents and presented by resident Dr. Rezwan Munshi. Ranked second in its category out of 167 total submissions, the award is a testament to NUMC’s continued excellence in medical research and scholarly development.

The NYACP award is the exciting result of 6 months of rigorous planning, research, analysis, and preparation to present. According to Dr. Amgad Makaryus, Chairman of the Department of Cardiology and project co-supervisor, “It takes extraordinary planning and consideration to conduct research. A lot of work goes into the project before you see the results in a poster or publication.” For the NYACP poster competition, the research team first had to identify a question. In this case (as in most), the question was inspired by patient care. The team wanted to know: when patients experiencing a heart attack arrive at teaching hospitals throughout the country (often, safety net hospitals serving un- or under-insured patients), do their health outcomes differ based on race? (Race is just one of many factors identified as a “social determinant of health,” or social or economic factors that affect an individual’s health, functioning, and quality-of-life outcomes and risks.) The results of NUMC’s research can now be used as evidence in further studies of medical protocols, procedures, and treatments for acute myocardial infarctions, commonly known as heart attacks.

Having set the question, the Department of Cardiology then started the long journey to determining results. This meant building the team of researchers, which included other attending physicians and medical residents and selecting evaluation metrics. Once these steps were complete, they implemented a computer algorithm to search the National Inpatient Sample database, aggregated thousands of reports, and collaborated with statisticians to analyze the datasets. Only then was the research team ready to begin the weeks-long process of forming a conclusion, writing an abstract, and submitting it to the NYACP’s annual poster competition.

The American College of Physicians is the nation’s largest medical-specialty organization and second-largest physician group in the United States. Every year, the New York Chapter hosts a Scientific Meeting where physicians, medical students, and other medical professionals gather to discuss recent developments in medical research, as well as participate in the research abstract and poster competition. The NYACP event offers both young and veteran medical professionals alike the opportunity to continue their education through academic lectures and discussions with professional peers. It also highlights an aspect of the medical profession often overlooked by the public, namely that hospitals are as much academic environments as they are places of healing.

As a teaching hospital, NUMC receives medical students for clinical on-site training, as well as internal medicine residents – physicians who have completed medical school and are now in the mandatory 3-year post-education training program. NUMC also provides additional 3-year fellowships for residents preparing for specialty practice areas, such as cardiology or child and adolescent psychiatry. In their teaching roles, NUMC’s attending physicians continue to educate residents and fellows by demonstrating bedside care (physical exams, presenting diagnoses, and patient interactions), presenting lectures, conferences, and speaker events, and by supervising research. In turn, research keeps the culture of curiosity and innovation among NUMC’s physicians evergreen. “The real benefit of an academic institution like NUMC is that attendings and residents are always up-to-date with recent developments and advancements in medicine,” explains Dr. Makaryus.

Having earned their rank in the top 3 posters at the NYACP’s Scientific Session for their category, NUMC’s research team will now proceed with the extensive, but rewarding process of preparing their research for publication. This can take several years and requires continuous reexamination of their sources and recent medical developments, which can impact their conclusion. NuHealth congratulates Department of Cardiology Chairman, Dr. Makaryus, and Associate Chairman, Dr. Roman Zeltser, and their team, Rezwan Munshi, MD; James R. Pellegrini, MD; Timothy Park, MD; Jenil Patel, MD; Iraj Afzal, MD; Wing Hang Lau, DO; Tinu Abraham, MD; Saifullah Tiwana, MD; Max Kashin, MD; Kashyap Shah, DO, and Ofek Hai, DO on their outstanding academic achievement and contributions to the field.


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