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NuHealth at Forefront of Discussion of Equal Access to Cardiological Health Care

Nassau Health Care Corporation

NuHealth at Forefront of Discussion of Equal Access to Cardiological Health Care

East Meadow, N.Y., May 24th, 2022 – Physicians and medical students from NuHealth’s Department of Cardiology are leading the way in a national discussion of equal access to health care. NuHealth cardiology professionals gave 12 presentations at the American College of Cardiology Scientific Meeting 2022 in Washington, D.C. in April 2022.

NuHealth continues to be at the forefront of medical research addressing healthcare inequalities and barriers to care in the United States. Led by Department Chair Dr. Amgad Makaryus, Nassau University Medical Center (NUMC) Department of Cardiology attending physicians, residents, fellows, and medical students gave a dozen presentations at the 2022 American College of Cardiology (ACC) Scientific Meeting in Washington, D.C. For the first time in two years, the event welcomed international cardiological professionals in-person to discuss cutting-edge medical research in early April.

NuHealth’s contributions to this prestigious conference addressed a range of research topics, but the impact of social determinants of health on access to care, health concerns, and health outcomes was a resounding theme across presentations. The oral and poster presentations summarized research on the following topics (to name but a few): whether cardiological care and treatment for coronary plaque distribution should be adjusted for patients of Hispanic descent based on their plaque distribution to improve outcomes; whether heart attack patients experienced different health outcomes in urban hospitals based on race, and whether heart attack patients experienced different health outcomes in teaching hospitals based on race. Other presentations addressed pressing questions such as the impact of COVID-19 on new on-set atrial fibrillation and flutter, gout as a risk factor for heart attacks, pre-procedural complications for cardiology patients with dementia, and more.

The Scientific Meeting is the second ACC event at which NuHealth physicians have presented their research in the last year. In October 2021, 5 physicians from the Department of Cardiology presented the results of NUMC’s Comprehensive Myocardial Infarction Management Program at the ACC Quality Summit. The program focused on improving patient cardiovascular outcomes to prevent unnecessary readmissions, as well as improving quality of care, patient satisfaction, and patients’ quality of life following a heart attack. The program’s exciting results include a 3.7% reduction in 30-day all-cause mortality rates and a 3.1% reduction in 30-day readmission rates over the outcomes data assessment period.

Nassau Health Care Corporation congratulates Dr. Makaryus and his colleagues on their presentations at the American College of Cardiology’s Scientific Meeting and thanks them for their continued dedication to our hospital’s mission: to provide high-quality, affordable healthcare to all patients regardless of their ability to pay. Their work is a testament to our hospital’s academic rigor and commitment to improving not only patient outcomes, but patients’ experience at our facilities.

With over eight decades of history in the area, Nassau University Medical Center serves as the region’s premier Level I trauma center, treating critically injured patients as well as providing coordinated medical care to Long Island residents at every stage of life. Nassau University Medical Center is committed to its mission of providing the community with outstanding, and compassionate state-of-the-art medical and surgical care.


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