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Victor F. Politi, MD, FACP, FACEP                                        Michael B. Mirotznik, Esq.,

President/CEO                                                                            Chairman Board of Directors

January 4, 2017



Shelley Lotenberg


East Meadow, NY………. During January, Cervical Health Awareness Month, the Nassau University Medical Center wants to spread the word that cervical cancer is preventable and highly treatable if found early. Being screened for cervical cancer with a Pap test is the key to prevention and survival. Screening is available to both insured and uninsured women.

“The New York State Cancer Services Program provides free cervical cancer screening to uninsured women — a subpopulation of women less likely to get screened,” said Dr. Victor F. Politi, NuHealth/NUMC’s President/CEO.  “According to the most recent New York State data, about 65% of women without insurance have had a Pap test within the past three years, compared to roughly 85% of women with health insurance.”

“It’s wonderful that with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act so many more New York women have gained insurance and can access cervical cancer screening, but the fact remains that there are people who are still uninsured,” added Dr. Politi. “The Cancer Services Program is here to provide life-saving cancer screening to our most needy residents.”

The New York State Cancer Services Program provides free cervical cancer screening to uninsured women, ages 40 and older, in every county and borough of the state. The program also provides free breast and colorectal cancer screening to eligible New York State residents.

There usually aren’t any symptoms of cervical cancer in its earliest, most treatable stage, making regular Pap tests the key to an early diagnosis.

“It is especially important for women who have never had a Pap test or those who haven’t had one within the past five years to get screened.  More than half of all cervical cancers occur in women who have never received a Pap test or who have not had one in the past five years. We encourage women not to delay their screening, and to talk to their doctor or call the Cancer Services Program,” said Dr. John Riggs, Chairman of the Department of OB/GYN at NUMC.

To find a Cancer Services Program in your community, visit call 1-866-442-CANCER (2262) or visit

For more information about cervical cancer, visit

For information about insurance options, contact the New York State of Health: The Official Health Plan Marketplace at or 1-855-355-5777.

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