Vision & Mission


  • To lead in the education, culturally competent training, and cutting-edge technological advancements available to all those physicians who seek training at NuHealth, including its International Medical Graduates.
  • To lead in delivering culturally competent, state-of-the-art clinical care to the surrounding communities of NuHealth, including immigrants and refugees living on Long Island.
  • To lead psychosocial research focusing on the interface between acculturation, medical education and practice, and in disseminating the knowledge thus gained for the advancement of the field.


  • To serve as the intellectual wing of the Department of Psychiatry in its mission to deliver safe and high-quality clinical care, and support faculty development needs.
  • To advance and disseminate knowledge, and develop best practices in community psychiatry, supporting the interface between psychiatry and primary care.
  • To help develop department services, and innovative models of care to support NuHealth’s commitment to the realization of the “Triple Aim” goal of improving the health of the population; enhancing the patient experience of care (including quality, access and reliability) and providing value through increased efficiencies.
  • To help the Department of Psychiatry develop strategies and practices supporting NuHealth’s commitment to the education of physicians and other disciplines, including nursing.
  • To study the impacts of globalization on the immigration patterns of physicians across the globe, as they affect physician-workforce policies currently developing within the United States.
  • To study the health-workforce needs of the underserved population on Long Island, and advocate policies that help advance health care on Long Island.
  • To study the impact of migrant communities on local cultures, and vice versa, in developing successful acculturation models.