Midwife-Supervised Hydro-Birthing Suite

For more than a decade, hundreds of new mothers have been giving birth in naturally soothing birthing tubs at NUMC’s Birthing Center. NUMC is the only hospital in all of Manhattan, Queens and Long Island to offer hydro-birthing as a natural alternative for low-risk mothers.

Under the guidance and support of a highly trained NUMC midwife, these women have chosen the natural benefits of aquatic labor and birth. Many feel that, by easing the stress of childbirth in a water environment, the experience is emotionally and clinically advantageous for both mother and child.

This birth option is planned well in advance, follows strict guidelines and excludes women with high blood pressure, uncontrolled diabetes or a history of C-section deliveries.

Most important, a midwife-led birth gives a woman a welcome measure of control- the freedom to move, eat, bathe- or do whatever else might help her during labor and birth. The role of a midwife is to monitor labor, guiding and supporting the birthing woman safely through the birth process. Of course, partners are encouraged to actively participate. And, in the rare case where medical care for you or your baby is needed, your midwife has a well-conceived plan for collaboration with obstetricians, pediatricians and other specialists.