General Pediatrics

From conception through childbirth, and as a child matures, the importance of maintaining a close, trusting relationship with a primary care pediatrician cannot be overemphasized. The general practice pediatricians at NUMC are expert diagnosticians. They have to be. After all, children are often unable to accurately describe their symptoms- or even speak at all. That’s why a close doctor-patient-parent connection is critical for obtaining accurate patient histories- and for tracking small medical problems before they become big ones.

Typically, your pediatrician’s first priority is to encourage healthy habits- precautionary steps that will help your child avoid the need for anything more than routine checkups, and care for typical childhood maladies. Visits for physicals, vaccinations, wellness checkups, screenings, treating illness, and providing basic education allow pediatricians to build a healthy confidence and trust with you and your child as he or she grows older.

Whether your child is seen in our fully equipped, full-spectrum Pediatric Care Center at NUMC, or by a primary care pediatrician in one of our five NuHealth Family Health Centers*, the responsibility for your child’s health and well-being is shared and supported by a multi-disciplined team of doctors, nurses and caregivers. You can rest assured that this remarkable group of pediatric specialists, which includes cardiologists, neurologists, endocrinologists, allergists and others, is ready to respond as the need arises.

*The Long Island Federally Qualified Health Center, Inc.