Educational Programs

Centering Pregnancy Program
These informal group sessions offer essential pregnancy information. Participants are grouped at the same gestational stages to ensure they’re able to relate to each other’s experiences. Facilitated by highly experienced and licensed registered nurses and OB Providers, these sessions encourage participants to take charge of their pregnancies, and help them gain a sense of well-being as they build new friendships and create healthy support systems. The program wraps up with a celebration of your pregnancy in the form of a group baby shower.

Lamaze Classes
Childbirth-preparation classes in using Lamaze Healthy Birth Practices are offered on a rotating basis. This highly recommended preparation program introduces new parents to physical and psychological training for a safe pregnancy, and teaches specialized breathing techniques for active childbirth.

Infant Care and Breast-feeding
General instructional demonstrations in infant care are offered free of charge to all new mothers after delivery. NuHealth’s registered maternity nurses are specially trained in lactation consultation, and are well versed in helping new mothers to nurse their babies.

Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorder
To meet the needs of the almost 15 to 20 percent of new mothers who suffer from postpartum depression within the first year of giving birth, NuHealth has developed the first hospital-based, bilingual support group in Nassau County. The departments of OB/GYN, nursing, pediatrics and psychiatry have collaborated and worked as a team to ensure the safety and well-being of our mothers and babies through a confidential peer support group, facilitated by an RN who is a perinatal depression survivor. Symptoms of postpartum depression include exhaustion, decreased energy, anxiety/panic attacks, sleeping too much or too little, loss of appetite, loss of interest or happiness, feeling detached from the baby, fear of being alone with the baby, negative or scary thoughts, and excessive worry, especially about the baby’s health.