Primary Care & Family Medicine

NuHealth’s primary care physicians (also known as family practitioners, internists, GP’s and other titles) are at the frontlines of health care, and they will play an increasingly important role as the guardians of wellness as national health care reforms are implemented. In addition to tending to the common maladies of childhood and adult medicine, your NuHealth primary care physician is the connecting point between you and the complete array of specialized medical services available at Nassau University Medical Center. In fact, one of the key advantages to working with a NuHealth family practitioner is his or her ability to easily consult and exchange medical images, histories and test results with top specialists.

Whether you choose a physician in our primary care practice at Nassau University Medical Center or in one of the NuHealth Family Health Centers near you, you will establish a relationship with your own doctor, who will provide the health care services most often in demand by growing families, including:

  • Complete Physical Examinations
  • Annual Check-ups
  • Disease Diagnosis
  • Minor Ambulatory Surgeries
  • Flu and Pneumonia Vaccines
  • Routine Screenings
  • School Physicals
  • Children’s Vaccines
  • Well-Child Check-ups
  • Sick-Child Visits
  • Prenatal Care
  • Women’s Health
  • Birth Control
  • Emergency Contraceptives

To make an appointment, call (516) 486-NUMC (6862).

East Meadow(NUMC): (516) 486-6862

Elmont: (516) 571-8200
Hempstead: (516) 572-1300
Roosevelt: (516) 571-8600
Roosevelt High School: (516) 867-8551
South Ocean Care: (516) 623-3600
Westbury: (516) 571-9500

Clinical Staff
East Meadow (NUMC)
Bernardo Fernandez, MD
Charles Famulare, MD
Anjum Maqbool, MD

Patricia Kear, NP
Monique Apollon, MD

Naseem Hussaini, MD
Kelly Horn, MD

Sabiha Haque, MD
Emilo Garcia, MD

Christine Brown, MD
Marie Celestin, MD
Chris Elsayad, MD