The Importance of Regular Cancer Screenings

There’s a good chance that early cancer detection can save your life. Many forms of cancer can be present in the body without outward symptoms, but can be identified and quickly treated if discovered in the early stages. Individuals who have a family history of cancer should be especially aware of the risks of cancer, and tested regularly. Colorectal cancer is a prime example. It usually affects men and women 50 years and older, but can strike younger people with a genetic history of the disease. Colorectal cancer is easily preventable with periodic screenings. For women, the threat and probability of breast cancer increase with age. Regular screening is the key to catching and treating this disease from its onset. Cervical cancer is a threat for all women. Fortunately, it’s the easiest gynecological cancer to prevent and cure. Regular testing, immediate diagnosis and prompt follow-up will ensure a clean bill of health… and peace of mind. Early detection saves lives!