Brain & Nerves

Our brain and nervous system affect literally every aspect of our health and our lives. NuHealth’s neurology specialists work to relieve pain, restore function and correct physical abnormalities of the brain and nerves, improving the quality of life for hundreds of patients each year. In addition to caring for patients with such problems as seizure disorders, neuropathy, memory loss, cerebral palsy and back pain, NuHealth’s specialists in adult and pediatric neurology work closely with specialists in psychiatry, physical medicine and rehabilitation and other areas to diagnose and treat the wide variety of issues resulting from nerve and brain diseases or damage. If surgery is necessary, our neurosurgery team is well-prepared to repair brain and nerve damage, remove brain tumors and correct other abnormalities, as well as provide emergency treatment for head and nerve injuries.

  • Certified Stroke Center
  • Epilepsy and Seizure Clinic
  • Child Developmental Neurology Clinic
  • Adult & Pediatric Neuromuscle Clinic
  • General Neurology Clinic
  • Emergency and Ongoing Treatment for Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Alzheimer’s and Dementia diagnosis and management
  • Comprehensive Neuro-Diagnostic Laboratories