Health Information Sites

Health Information Sites


AHCRQ Consumer Health Information —
(Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services)

AMA Consumer Health Information —
(American Medical Association’s health information for everyone)

Ask Dr. Weill —
(Interactive, nutrition and medical information)

Child Abuse Evaluation and Treatment of Medical Providers —
(A Comprehensive source of Child Abuse information and tools)

Consumer Information Catalog: Health —
(Full text pamphlets from the Federal Consumer Information Center) –
This online resource is offering safety guides for infants, families, patients and seniors, as well as publishing important health news, recalls and safety alerts

FDA Consumer —
(Magazine of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration)

Free Medical Journals Online —
(Hundreds of full-text journals, in English and other languages, grouped by subject)

Go Ask Alice! —
(Interactive questions and answers from Columbia University’s Health Education Program)

HealthAtoZ —
(Comprehensive well-integrated health resource developed by healthcare professionals)

HealthFinder —
(A service of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services)

Health Information Resource Database —
(Searchable database of resources from the National Health Information Center, including toll-free phone numbers of organizations)

InteliHealth —
(News, conditions, links and information featuring Harvard Medical School’s consumer health information)

Mayo Clinic Online Health Network —
(Information, first aid, healthy lifestyle planners, treatment choices and news)

Medical/Health Internet Resources —
(Health resources compiled by the University of Illinois at Chicago Health Sciences Library for consumers and professionals)

Medicare —
(U.S. government web site for Medicare information)

MedlinePlus —
(Health information selected by the National Library of Medicine)

Medscape —
(Comprehensive site for consumers and professionals, contains regulations, continuing medical education, clinical management, specialty links, practice guidelines, treatment updates and more)

Medscape Reference —
Physician peer-reviewed online textbooks, containing anatomical illustrations, digital images, x-rays, audio, and video. Content is continually updated. Medical professionals can communicate with authors)

NetWellness —
(Ask an expert, health topics and news from the University of Cincinnati, Ohio State University and Case Western Reserve University)

New York State Library Selected Health and Medicine Web Sites —
(Wide range of topics for consumers and professionals)

NIH Health Information —
(Access to all consumer health information resources of the National Institutes of Health)

(New York Online Access to Health, searchable by topic, in English and Spanish)

Web MD —
(Medical and life-style information, news, and discussion groups, can be personalized)


Health Services Research Information Central (HSRIC) on aging-related issues and information sets –

National Council on Aging (NCOA) –

National Institute on Aging (NIA) –

Seniors’ Health webpage from –

Cancer –
is a unique collection of online cancer communities designed to provide timely and accurate information in a supportive environment. It is a free lifeline for everyone affected by cancer & related disorders. The site provides access to online communities for cancer patients. –
from the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO). The site provides patients with information on navigating cancer care, including cancer basics, financial considerations, side effects, coping with cancer and surviving the cancer.

Long Island Breast Cancer Action Coalition —
(Informative and supportive, includes information on Hewlett House, legal advocacy, legislation, newsletter, links to cancer web sites, resource guide and local events)

Looking good with cancer –

National Cancer Institute —
(Latest cancer information from the National Institutes of Health)

National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) –
Patients and Caregiver Resources from the NCCN, including guidelines for patients and advocacy and support groups information

Oncolink —
(Information from the University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center on many aspects of cancer, including medical, social, financial, symptom management, conferences and resources)

Children’s Health

Child and Adolescent Health —
(Information for parents, adolescents and children, including those with special needs, and mental health information and resources, from the library of the Oregon Health Sciences University)

KidsHealth —
(Information for parents, children and teens from The Nemours Foundation)

MEL: Health Information About Children —
(Information for parents from the Michigan Electronic Library)


Daily Med —

eMedExpert –

MedlinePlus Drug Information —
(Drug information from the National Library of Medicine)

RxList —
(Searchable information on drugs and on herbs and other alternative treatments)


ABC of fitness— – Exercises, Fitness & Nutrition, and Fitness Articles

FitnessGoals –
This independent website is dedicated to inspiring women to live a more healthy and fulfilling life. Covering every aspect of fitness and wellness, including nutrition tips, recommendations, and inspiring real-life stories

Shape Up America—
(Founded by C. Everett Koop, former Surgeon General of the U.S., includes a CyberKitchen, Fitness Center and information on weight loss, nutrition and fitness)

Men’s Health

Men’s Health from CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) —

Men’s Health from WebMD:

Mental Health

Bullying Awareness and Prevention –
(Resources about bullying awareness, prevention and intervention for children and adults)

Cyberbullying in College –
(Guide for college students and their parents from the Affordable Colleges Online (ACO) website)

Internet Mental Health —
(Information on disorders and medications, magazine articles, book reviews, links, international in scope)

Mental Health Resources —
(Topics, discussion, resources, related web sites from

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) —

Substance Abuse in College (Understanding and Avoiding Substance Abuse) –
(Guide for college students and their parents from the Affordable Colleges Online (ACO) website)

Suicide Prevention Help and Resources from BetterAddictionCare (BAC) organization/website-

Suicide Prevention in College –
(Guide for college students and their parents from the Affordable Colleges Online (ACO) website)

Student Wellness and Mental Health –
(The site provides information about the various mental health challenges facing college students, the support and counseling resources available to them, and practical measures and coping strategies to help students overcome behavioral, emotional, and psychological obstacles)


Dietary Guidelines for Americans —
(National Agricultural Library, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture)

Nutrition Navigator —
(Rating guide to nutrition web sites by the School of Nutrition Science and Policy, Tufts University)

Other Conditions

American Heart Association —
(Interactive, information on prevention and treatment of heart disease, links to other sites)

Arthritis Foundation —
(Diseases, treatments, coping skills, online store, medications, alternative therapies)

American Diabetes Association —
(Receipes, articles, detailed information, lifestyle, self-management skills, for consumers and professionals)

American Lung Association —
(Varied information, in England and Spanish, for children, consumers and professionals, extensive disease section, fact sheets on specific population groups, lifestyle and practical advice)

American Macular Degeneration Foundation —
(Information, newsletter, help and advice, links, assistance in finding eye care, bulletin board)

Kidney & Urology Foundation of America—
(Educational information, health fairs, patient scholarships and emergency grants, conferences, national registries, fellowships, for consumers and professionals)

Immunization Action Coalition—
(Well-organized information about immunization, flu shot guidelines, questionnaire, online catalog of multi-lingual brochures and videos, link to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Resources)

National Organization for Rare Disorders —
(Extensive information on thousands of rare diseases, support groups and orphan drugs, profile of the Medication Assistance Programs)

American Sickle Cell Anemia Association —
(Information, news, support groups, related links)

Mesothelioma & Asbestos Awareness Center –

Mesothelioma Guide –

TUCK: Advancing Better Sleep – information on the following topics: sleep disorders and  resources, circadian system, demographic sleep-related guides aimed to parents, women, kids, and athletes, etc.

Public Health

Poison Control –
(Information about poisons, poison safety and prevention, and when to contact a poison center)

Public Health Foundation (PHF) –
(Resources, tools, information, and training for health agencies, organizations, and individuals to help improve performance and community health outcomes)

Women’s Health

HealthSquare —
(Information for women and their families, including drugs, dentistry and a family medical encyclopedia)

Healthy Women —
(The nation’s leading independent health information source for women)

MEL: Health Information for Women—
(Information and links from the Michigan Electronic Library)

Women’s Health —
(A project of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office on Women’s Health)

Miscellaneous sites –
Founded in 2010, ACLS Certification Institute is the largest online provider of emergency life support certification training –
provides community resources and tools related to higher education from the point of view of their affordability and accreditation status

Career options for Nutrition Majors –

Career options for Public Health Majors –
(Educational and professional information, news, guides, and related links from

Educational Resources for Students with Disabilities from –

Educator’s Guide to Addiction Prevention: The Most Effective Strategies and Resources to Implement in the Classroom –

Financial Aid for Students with Disabilities –

Higher Education (College Accreditation and Affordability from ACO) –
(Resources include comprehensive guidebooks, student interviews, user-friendly search tools, federal datasets and other materials) team creates expert-driven educational content, and presents it both logically and creatively to maximize understanding and engagement, according to their website –

Open Education  Database (OEDb) –
(OEDb is a comprehensive online education directory for both free and for-credit learning options) –

TripBuzz is the web’s most comprehensive resource to help you find fun and interesting things to do in your area. Whether you are a local resident or traveling to a new town, you will find the best attractions, entertainment and activities on the site –