Volunteer Opportunities

At the Nassau Health Care Corporation, volunteers make a real difference because they become an integral part of the NHCC family through a carefully designed program of service that allows them to perform many hours of assistance in carefully selected areas. Every time a volunteer steps through our doors, he or she makes a difference by donating time, energy and talents to the hospital and the patients we serve. We are truly blessed to have an amazing group of volunteers who support our mission by helping to create an exceptional place for health and healing.

Many opportunities are available. Click below to view current opportunities.


Why become a volunteer?

As a volunteer you will play a vital role in helping us serve the health care needs of our community. Volunteering allows you to be of service to the community, neighbors and friends. You will meet new people, develop new skills and interests, and, possibly, explore career opportunities. Our volunteers give that special touch and, whether you have direct patient contact or work “behind the scenes,” every volunteer is an important member of the hospital’s health care team. The opportunities are rewarding, enjoyable and a great way to meet new people.


Who benefits from volunteer efforts?

OUR PATIENTS – The care and enthusiasm you bring to your volunteer work makes a patient’s hospital stay more pleasant.

OUR STAFF – Our health care staff is grateful for the invaluable support of volunteers, which helps our employees continue to provide high-quality, exceptional patient care.

OUR COMMUNITY – Excellent health care services are an asset to the community.


Following Applications are currently being accepted,  please click the links below to download the Application.

NUMC Adult Volunteer Program

Volunteers are assigned to various areas throughout the hospital to assist the staff in providing great care to our patient population. There is a commitment of 100 hours for the year and the process includes an interview, medical clearance, orientation and background check prior to service. Applicants must be at least 18 years old to apply.  Applications are currently being accepted. Please click below to download the complete Adult Volunteer Application.

 NUMC Adult/College Volunteer Application 2022


For further information, Please contact Marisa Plotkin at 516-572-6588 or mplotkin@numc.edu for additional information.